With the school year starting agin, the mLAB needed to open it’s doors. But this year there was much more on the plate. With the mLAB expanding over the summer we needed to fill this new space with things to do, places to be and new rules to govern over the users. Thus, in the opening weeks of school I was focused on the communication and preperation part of being a manager. I worked on introducing the new students to the equipment we have as well as using that equipment to create a mirage of signs.

In addition to this I had to work on the first and easiest engineering problem. I needed to hand a douple sided whiteboard over the entry way of the inclosed part of the mLAB. to accomplish this, I first instarlled two cleates in a vertical alluminum beam that would hold the hoist rope. After this was done, I tossed a rope over one of the exposed cieling beam and tied one end off to the cleats. Next I attached the second end onto the whiteboard by looping the rope through holes drilled in the whiteboard. However, after hhoisting the whiteboard into possition and despite the dual cleat setup it was decided the system was still unsafe. To rectify this, I instaled a stationary holder above the door.