On this podcast episode of “Innovators in the Making” Josh Nelson and Mr. Kriese’s Economics class sit down with Colin Buechler, CEO and founder of BloxMob about his time in school and working in the tech industry over the past 2 decades.  Colin talks about growing up in New York and Connecticut and his experience in schools, made easier because of his good memory.  In high school, Colin talks about the many jobs he had as a teenager, including working in fast food restaurants and figuring out that “half of life is just showing up.”  Colin talks with the Economics students about how he started out in college thinking about how he would be a doctor, but through the process of becoming a doctor, he realized that he didn’t want to go into medicine.  Colin’s advice to students who are unsure of what they want to do for their life, should “just find something to fall in love with.”

Josh and Colin talk about his experience working in the tech industry, starting out as a programmer and consultant, his time at Dell in Austin, and his time as CEO of the tech company, LifeSize.  Colin currently is CEO of the company BloxMob, which allows anyone to make apps without any programming knowledge at all.  Colin came up with the idea for the company after seeing his daughter lose interest in building her own app once she realized how daunting it was to learn enough programming to create an app.