On this podcast episode of Innovators in the Making, Gene Franz and Bill Heye joined the Economics class to discuss their approach to intrapreneurship (innovating in an already established business) and entrepreneurship, innovation in general, and school.  Gene and Bill spoke with the class for a while before Josh took on the task of interviewing these two titans of the tech industry.  A first for the Innovators in the Making podcast, Josh attempted to interview two people, and the results were a little comical, although Josh did get both guests to describe how they think people learn.  After getting through a few of the normal Interview questions, it became clear that Gene and Bill were at the school to talk with students, and what followed was the most student-generated questions ever asked of the Innovators for this podcast.

Gene and Bill were a great pair to talk with, and they expounded on their work at IT, and their current company Octavo Systems.  Gene talked about taking risks and being one of the “crazies” that a company needs, and Bill spoke about how he has to work with Gene and allow for his risks, but answer to the bottom line.  Both innovators provided a fascinating discussion about how to succeed in business, and if they were willing, Josh would have them talk with each student at Saint Andrews – that is how good these two were.