To kick off the 2016-2017 season of “The Making of a Teacher” I decided to turn this audio podcast into a video podcast, and the Upper School’s Math Department Chair, Dr. Latryce Cole was gracious enough to let me start off the new vodcast series by interviewing her.

Dr. Cole walks us through her life growing up in a small town in Alabama where she learned about hard work and determination, and also meant that she attended high school where her mother was a teacher.  Latryce explains how she fell in love with mathematics, and why she pursued math as a subject throughout college and graduate school.  Latryce talks about her experience at Spelman College, a historically black college, or HBC and how her advisor at Spelman played a part in her deciding to get her masters in mathematics.  Latryce also talks about her early teaching experience and how talking with the diversity coordinator at an independent school led her to pursue and eventually complete a PhD in Educational Leadership.
Also, Latryce and Josh are totally wearing Star Trek shirts in the video (not planned)!