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Innovators in the Making is a podcast channel featuring several regular podcast series recorded live at the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School mLAB, a “makingspace” / Innovation Center.

For the “Innovators in the Making” podcast series, inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators are interviewed by Joshua Nelson, with some questions provided by SAS students studying Economics. Innovators are asked about how they approach their craft and what they were like when they were in high school.

“The Making of a Teacher” is a podcast series in which faculty members from Saint Andrew’s School are interviewed by CTI Josh Nelson about their background and philosophies. This series is an attempt to discover what is it that makes a teacher.

The Making of a Teacher – Episode 4 – Linh Tran

In this episode of the Making of a Teacher, Josh talks with History teacher Linh Tran about her experience growing up in the Vietnamese community in Houston and how she fell in love with the humanities while listening to a Pirate radio station late at night as a teenager, watching films and sitting in an art history class as a college student, and by reading the book “Lipstick Traces” by Greil Marcus, to name a few. Linh talks about her experiences teaching History in a large public school in Houston, and at two very different private schools on the East Coast, and what she has learned from teaching in different places.


Innovators in the Making – Kendra Scott

On this episode of Innovators in the Making, CTI Josh Nelson, and Economics Teacher Richard Kriese, interview Kendra Scott in the break room behind her 38th street Austin retail store. Kendra talks about her meteoric rise as a Jewelry designer and retail store owner of 42 stores across the country, and how she got started at the age of 19 opening up a hat store and what she learned from that experience. Kendra discusses her middle and high school experience and how her persistence and unique worldview have informed her decisions as an entrepreneur. In addition to discussing how she viewed corporate culture at the age of 16 and how she views it now as a successful entrepreneur, Kendra answers student questions and talks about what three items she would take with her on a deserted island.


The Making of a Teacher – Episode 3 – Eric Abell

In this episode of “the Making of a Teacher” Saint Andrew’s math teacher Eric Abell talks with CTI Joshua Nelson about his upbringing in an engineer’s house, why he became an electrical engineer right out of college, and why he became a teacher. Eric opens up about a serious skydiving accident that allowed him to become a master juggler, what he likes about teaching calculus, and why he likes “Longitude” by Dava Sobel.


The Making of a Teacher – Episode 2 – Rob Leacock

In this episode of the Making of the Teacher podcast series, CTI Josh Nelson interviews School Chaplain Rob Leacock. Rob talks about his experience in Seminary at Yale Divinity and how he decided to become a school chaplain. Rob gets into the philosophical reasons why he considers himself a “journeyman teacher” and how teaching is different than preaching.


The Making of a Teacher – Episode 1 – Kimberly Horne

In the first episode of “The Making of a Teacher,” Saint Andrew’s Senior English teacher, Kimberly Horne talks about her background before joining the faculty at SAS, and how she became an english teacher. Kimberly also shares her experience teaching students how to discuss challenging material (the short story “Brokeback Mountain”) as well as some of her favorite poems and novels.


Innovators in the Making – Mike Watts

On the second episode of Innovators in the Making, Josh interviews Mike Watt, an entrepreneur and nanotechnology expert. Mike talks about his experience in school in the UK and what Silicon Valley was like for him over the past 2 decades. Mike also answers some interesting questions from the Economics students and will forever be remembered for his answer to what he would bring with him on a deserted island.

Innovators in the Making – Russell White

On the inaugural episode of Innovators in the Making, Saint Andrew’s Curriculum & Technology Innovator, Joshua Nelson, interviews innovator, inventor, and “futurist” Russell White. White shares his experience growing up with a father who could fix anything, his experience working as an engineer for the largest welding equipment manufacturer in the US, and how he invented one of his most well-known inventions.

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